4 best Lisbon Pub Crawl Ranked – Which one to go

Lisbon, with its lively nightlife and myriad of bars and clubs, offers the perfect playground for those looking to explore the city after dark. Dive into a world of fun, music, and camaraderie through the top 4 ranked pub crawls in Lisbon. Here’s a curated list to guide you to the best night out in this vibrant city.

Pub CrawlDurationPriceIncludesReviewsQuick links
Drunken History Walking Tour3 Hours39€Portuguese cocktails, Historical tales4.9 ★ (168 Reviews)Learn more
Funky Monkey Pub Crawl5 Hours20€Unlimited beer/sangria (1hr), VIP club entry4.2 ★ (691 Reviews)Learn more
Tipsy Tour Fun Bar Crawl3 Hours39€ Fast track entry, 4 drinks4.9 ★ (75 Reviews)Learn more
Pub Crawl Lisbon5 Hours17€Unlimited drinks (1hr), VIP club entry4.7 ★ (27 Reviews)Learn more

1. Drunken History Walking Tour

4.9 ★ (168 Reviews)

Dive into the heart of Lisbon’s historic bar scene with the Drunken History Walking Tour. This 3-hour journey takes you through some of the most iconic bars in Lisbon, each with its unique tale narrated by your friendly guide. It’s a blend of history, culture, and the lively spirit of Lisbon’s nightlife.


  • Explore historic bars
  • Taste unique Portuguese cocktails
  • Engaging storytelling by the guide

Duration: 3 hours
Price: € 39
Includes: Guided tour, Portuguese cocktails

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2. Funky Monkey Pub Crawl

4.2 ★ (691 Reviews)

Get ready for an exhilarating night out with the Funky Monkey Pub Crawl. This 5-hour adventure kicks off with an hour of unlimited beer and sangria, setting the right mood for the night. Explore the bustling nightlife of Bairro Alto and end the night with a bang with VIP entry to a local club.


  • Unlimited beer and sangria for the first hour
  • Visit 3 bars and a club
  • VIP club entry

Duration: 5 hours
Price: 20€
Includes: 1 hour of unlimited drinks, VIP club entry

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3. Tipsy Tour Fun Bar Crawl with a Local Guide

4.9 ★ (75 Reviews)

The Tipsy Tour Fun Bar Crawl is all about enjoying Lisbon’s vibrant nightlife scene. With fast track entry and a welcome drink at each venue, this 3-hour tour promises a night full of fun, laughter, and new friendships.


  • Fast track entry to popular bars
  • 4 complimentary drinks
  • Socialize with fellow travelers

Duration: 3 hours
Price: 39€ adult
Includes: Fast track entry, 4 drinks

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4. Pub Crawl Lisbon – Unlimited Drinks and VIP Club Entry

4.7 ★ (27 Reviews)

Join the Pub Crawl Lisbon for a memorable night out. With 5 hours of hopping between bars and enjoying an hour of unlimited drinks, this pub crawl encapsulates the lively spirit of Lisbon’s nightlife.


  • One hour of unlimited drinks
  • VIP entry to a nightclub
  • Engaging drinking games

Duration: 5 hours
Price: 18€
Includes: Unlimited drinks (1hr), VIP club entry

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And the Winner Is for best Lisbon Pub Crawl is:

Funky Monkey Pub Crawl: The Ideal Blend of Social Interaction and Nightlife Thrills! This pub crawl stands out for its reasonable pricing, favorable reviews, and a robust offer of unlimited drinks for an hour plus VIP club entry. Whether you’re a social butterfly looking to meet new people or a party enthusiast ready to dive into Lisbon’s vibrant nightlife, this is the pub crawl to hop on. With a journey through iconic bars and a grand finale at a local club, it’s a ticket to an authentic Lisbon party experience.

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