Lisbon stag do activities

The best stag do activities in Lisbon, handpicked for a great time with your friends.

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Best Party Activities for Lisbon Stag do

Choose from these handpicked Lisbon activities to set up your stag do in Lisbon.

Bairro Alto, Lisbon

Lisbon Wild Pub Crawl

Price: €22/Person

Lisbon boasts cultural history and vibrant nightlife. See the city transform after office hours.


4 Hours


Beer Bike Lisbon

Price: €25

Explore Lisbon on our 18-seat bike: music, drinks, views, and unforgettable moments.

Open Bar

1 Hour


Sangria Bike Lisbon

Price: €25/Person

Bikes for 16; riverside tours in Lisbon with music, drinks, and guidance.

Open Bar

1 Hour

Chiado, Lisbon

Craft Beer, Port & Wine

Price: €65/Adult

Dive into Lisbon’s essence: Craft beers, wines, and culture. Unearth Portugal’s roots!


2:30 Hours


Wine Bike Lisbon Tour

Price: €40/Person

Pedal through Lisbon with music, wine, and views. Unique 16-seat tours await.

Open Bar

1 Hour

Tejo, Lisbon

Summer Boat Party

Price: €30/Person

Summer party on Tagus River: Drinks, DJ, dips. Saturdays May-Sept. Dive into fun!

1 Hour Open Bar

4 Hours

From Lisbon

Epic Off-Road Adrenaline in Sintra

Price: €79/Person

Adrenaline seekers chasing Sintra’s wild side, with plenty of off-road 4WD adventure and secret spots.

12+ Age

7.5 Hours

Tejo, Lisbon

Sunset Boat Tour with Music and Drinks

Price: €29.90/Person

Embark on the best party in the Tejo River, surprises for bachelor parties and birthday parties.

1 Hour Open Bar

2 Hours


Introduction to SPORT Climbing

Price: €30/Person

The Introduction to Sport Climbing includes a guided lesson with all safety sport climbing equipment.

All Ages

1 Hour

Chiado, Lisbon

Fado in Chiado

Price: €20.50/Person

“Fado in Chiado” showcases daily traditional performances in Lisbon. Central, with guitars and dual voices.

Live Show

50 Minutes


Lisbon Petiscos & Wine Tour

Price: €69/Person

If you want to eat local, join us for an authentic tour of Lisbon Petiscos.

4 Stops

3 Hours

From lisbon

Arrábida Snorkeling & Wine

Price: €120/Person

soak up epic views of the Arrábida Mountains and the sweeping coastal cliffs.

Transportation Inc.

8 Hours

Tejo, Lisbon

Bachelor Boat Party

Price: €1200/Boat

Rent a boat and have a great private experience on a sailing boat.

Private tour

6 Hours

Tejo, Lisbon

Private Catamaran Tour

Price: €550/Boat

Fun is with them. They provide rides to the beach or simply cook a barbecue after a swim.

Up to 12 Persons

4 Hours

Tejo, Lisbon

Fun & Swim – VIP Catamaran

Price: €1200/Boat

Rent a boat and have a great private experience on a Catamaran. Start from Belem, Lisbon.

Up to 16 Persons

4 Hours

Why have a Lisbon Stag do?

Why is Lisbon the ultimate destination for a stag do? The blend of vibrant nightlife, sun-kissed beaches, and rich history makes it a standout choice for those pre-wedding celebrations. When planning a Lisbon stag do, you’ll be spoiled for choice with an array of activities that suit every taste. From bar-hopping in Bairro Alto to beach sports along the coast, the variety of Lisbon activities ensures that every member of your crew has an unforgettable Lisbon Stag do.

Beyond the nightlife, Lisbon offers world-class cuisine, historic landmarks, and a warm local culture that welcomes visitors with open arms. The city’s affordability paired with its unique European charm further solidifies its position as a top pick for stag dos. Whether you’re looking to party, explore, or just relax, a Lisbon stag do promise a blend of fun, culture, and adventure that’s hard to beat.”

3 Activities for the Stag do Lisbon

Here is a suggestion for an afternoon and night experience.